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#SundayStills - Leaves and Trees

This was the scene in my garden this morning ... a beautiful carpet of russet brown leaves leaves covering my lawn and flower beds.  But alas, more work for me and my trusty leaf blower.

(See more photos below in response to Terri's Webster's 'Sunday Stills' photo challenge , the theme of which this week is 'Leaves and Trees'.)

This is the second big leaf fall this Autumn.  The first consisted mainly of horse chestnut leaves.  I filled my composter, two big green wheelie bins and 8 big plastic sacks.  This time it is mainly beech leaves.  

As you read this I have cleared the garden again although I have kept a few piles of leaves in the overgrown corners for the benefit of any local hedgehogs (I am a big hedgehog fan).  The downside is that the bloody squirrels will say "thank you very much, I'll collect some for my nest just as soon as I have finished burying conkers all over the garden and the flower tubs".  

I finish with a leafy photo I took of cottages in nearby Uppermill in mid-September and which I have just rediscovered on my phone. (I had to get that classic Triumph motorbike in the picture.)


  1. Beautiful fall displays and carpets of leaves, Paul! Yeah, I disliked all the raking or power blowing--luckily hubby took care of all that! You had a LOT of leaves to fill your composter and all those bags! And you're not done! Oh well, tis the season. If we had any trees in our new yard, the crazy wind we're having today would have blown them to Canada (2 hours away), LOL! Always great to see your posts, have a great week!

  2. These are lovely autumn shots! Your garden looks delightful. Although we are heading into summer down here, I always get envious seeing the autumn colour elsewhere in the world. I can wait though for it to come around to our turn again :) #Sundaystills

  3. Thanks Kirsten. Just seen your wonderful Ruby photos.


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