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#SundayStills - Feed the Birds

'Sunday Stills' is a photography challenge with a weekly theme. It is hosted by Terri Webster Schrandt at her site, Second Wind Leisure Perspective. Terri's theme this week is 'Feed the Birds'.

When I saw the challenge, I thought I must have loads of good photographs of our young grandsons feeding ducks.  My wife and I have taken them on many a waterside walk involving duck watching and feeding but evidently I didn't take as many pictures as I thought. Those I did are pretty poor quality and unfortunately they didn't capture their hilarious bread throwing skills or their reluctance on occasions to share the bread.

These two are the best two I can muster.

  River Tame at Uppermill - a Saddleworth village within Oldham M.B.C.

Pond in Lymm Village, Cheshire

Thinking about the challenge, I recalled taking photos of a young girl and her father feeding pigeons in Heraklion, Crete whilst we were holidaying there.  It was in an attractive little square and we would have liked to have sat at the local cafĂ© and enjoyed a coffee or beer there were it not for the number of pigeons flying about.  It was nice however, to dally a few minutes to enjoy this charming scene.  


  1. Hi Paul, wonderful images of birds being fed! Glad you could share your photography and stories for Sunday Stills! What is that saying? Throw bread crumbs and watch the pigeons flock in droves ( don't know if that is a saying but it's meant somehow, LOL). That was a cute shot!

  2. Nice Banksy in the background of those Cretan photos, I see.

  3. What a ton of pigeons. It reminds me of Venice. Very cute picture. The girl shows no fear.

    1. Yes, She seems very comfortable with them, bless her. I'm not a pigeon fan myself. Every European city seems to have too many for my liking!


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