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#ThursdayDoors - Barcelona and Granada, Spain

Here is another offering in response to Dan's ThursdayDoors Photo Challenge at 'No Facilities'

These photos were taken in Barcelona in 2008.  The first is a handsome wooden door and not enhanced by the graffiti in my view - but somehow eye-catching.  The second door also has visual interest despite having no artistic merit.  The third, fourth and fifth photos certainly do have artistic merit, livening up what would have been a blank shuttered doorway.

More shutters, this time in Granada, Spain, taken in 2012. Not everyone will like these but they do add vibrancy into the street scene.


  1. It's true, sometimes the graffiti helps. I'd love to see the top set without the paint, but they still hold a certain interest.

  2. Lots of interesting finds. I especially like the one with the guitar player.


  3. Love the last one the most - artfully done! Was in Malaga, South coast of Spain (too) many years ago. Later If found out that it was Picasso's birth place. Jesh

    1. Malaga has been regenerated in recent years and is worth a visit. It has a Picasso museum but there are also other Picasso Museums in Barcelona and Paris.

  4. Thank you! The guitar man is my favourite.


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